Non-Ferrous Metals We Scrap:
Bare & Bright Copper
Bare & Bright Copper Wire consists of bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire, not smaller than 16 gauge.
  No. 1 Copper
Consists of clean unalloyed copper solids and must be uncoated.  Clean copper pipe
or tubing free of any oxidation, paint, solder. 
No. 2 Copper
Consists of clean unalloyed copper solids. May include clean, oxidized or coated (plated) copper.  Copper pipe or tubing containing any paint, solder, tarnish, as well as burnt copper wire. 
  Light Copper
Light Copper consists of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper solids. May include sheet copper, gutters, downspouts.
Insulated Copper
Insulated Copper wire consists of copper wire scrap with various types of insulation.
To be bought on a sample
or recovery basis.
  Yellow Brass
Consists of mixed yellow brass solids, including brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tubing
and miscellaneous yellow brasses, including plated brass.  Does not include bullet casings.
Red Brass
Consists of red brass scrap, valves, machinery bearings and other machinery parts, including miscellaneous castings made of copper, tin, zinc, and/or lead. 
  Auto Radiators
Auto Radiators consists of mixed automobile radiators made of brass and copper, to be free of aluminum radiators, and iron-finned radiators.
Aluminum Copper Radiators
Consists of clean aluminum and copper radiators, and/or aluminum fins on copper tubing, free of brass tubing, iron and other foreign contamination.
All types free of any iron, glass, plastic, and paper. Aluminum wheels of a single specified alloy, free of all inserts, steel, wheel weights, valve stems. Aluminum radiators clean of all plastic & iron as well as siding & clean castings.
Lead consists of clean soft scrap lead and clean lead solids, free of other materials such as battery plates, lead covered cable, dirty chemical lead and radioactive materials. 
  Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Cans (UBC) consists
of all aluminum beverage cans (Beers cans, soda cans, etc)
Auto Batteries
Auto Batteries consists of
any lead/acid based battery.  We do not accept any nickel cadmium or alkaline batteries.
  Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel consists of clean non-magnetic stainless steel clips and solids containing a minimum 7% nickel.
Ferrous Metals We Scrap:
Prepared Steel (3' x 18")
Consists of angle, channel, beams, flat plate, and other types of structural steel.  Car frames, car rears (without hubs and rotors), farm machinery, car wheels (without wheel weights & valve stems), and other types of mild steel.  No cast iron, motor parts, leaf springs, hard steel, chrome or galvanized steel, electric motors, shocks, and closed containers.  None of the items in EXPORT list allowed.
  Export Steel (#1 Steel 5' x 2')
Consists of truck steel, hard steel, shafts, gears, dozer parts, heavy equipment parts, truck wheels, boilers, leaf springs, railroad Steel (with authorized paperwork), hubs, rotors, and reinforcing rods.  No cast iron, motor parts, electric motors, chrome or galvanized, shocks, and closed containers.
Cast Iron
Cast Iron consists of radiators, boilers, tubs, sash weights, etc.
  Motor Blocks
Motors Blocks consists of all car motors and associated parts including transmissions.
Light Iron
Light Iron consists of all sheet metal/tin thinner than ¼”.  This includes appliances, water heaters, oil tanks (hole cut and drained), lawnmowers, bikes, etc.
  Complete Cars
All automobiles with motor, transmission, radiator, battery, catalytic converter included. All cars must have a valid title with no exceptions. A certificate of salvage (MV-6 Form) may be completed and notarized if a title is unobtainable.  Tires are subject to $3/tire deduction.  Cars missing any of the above parts will be priced accordingly.
Unprepared Steel
Consists of all heavy steel greater than (5’ X 2’). This includes full size dump trucks, farm equipment, etc. Truck tires and tractor tires are subject to a $10/tire deduction.
Turnings consist of all shavings usually resulting from a machining process. They are priced accordingly depending on the type of metal (steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel).  
Miscellaneous Metals We Scrap:
Catalytic Converters (Cats)
(Per piece) Found on cars from 1975-recent are found on the exhaust system and reduce emissions.  Price varies by
type and contents in the converter.
  Electric Motors
Consist of mixed sizes of copper bearing electric motor scrap, free of steel attachments. No loose iron, dirt, rubber or non-metallics, No sealed units or cast iron compressors.
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