At J.F.R. Salvage we have an assortment of heavy equipment to load and unload ferrous and non-ferrous material.  We have 4 excavators with a variety of attachments including magnets, grapples, and shears.  We also have 2 front end loaders and 2 forklifts used for unloading customers and loading our trailers. 

Our Sennebogen 835M with a grapple allows us to load and unload trailers more productively.   Sennebogen, a German company was proud to sell their first machine in North America to J.F.R. Salvage.   An elevating cab, 70 foot boom reach, and precise movements are just a few characteristics that make this an amazing machine for handling scrap metal.

Our Komatsu PC-300 and Case 9060B excavators with LaBounty shears are mainly used for processing our steel and cars to proper specs. 

Our Case CX-290 excavator with a magnet attachment is used for handling ferrous material throughout the yard.  Whether we are unloading customers, loading trailers, or cleaning up and sorting our piles, the magnet handles it all.

Equipment pictured to the right (from top to bottom):  (click on any image to enlage)

Case 721 DXT Loader

Case 9060B

Case CX290

Komatsu PC-300

Sennebogen 835M

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